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HVVC Boys Volleyball Program

Boy's Volleyball Program

Our winter season for boys volleyball starts in December and continues to mid-March. Practices are held Sundays 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM with approximately an hour of training and an hour of game play.

There is currently no volleyball competition in Michigan for boys 13 to 18 years old so we plan to compete against teams in Ohio and Ontario. Our high school boys also compete in the Ann Arbor men’s rec league.

All boys are welcome at all of our clinics and camps offered throughout the year.

High School Ages (15-18)

We field a team for high school aged boys that competes on Thursday evenings in the local men’s rec league and we plan to scrimmage against boys teams from Toledo and Ontario.

We would also like to have the boys compete in USAV boys tournaments in Ohio. Pricing:

  •  Only training sessions – either $10 per session or $90 for the entire season.
  •  Training and men's league - $160 for the season
  •  Tournament teams – We will prepare a list of tournaments and determine which ones will have enough players to attend. Your cost will be based on how many players can attend and will be in the range of $60 to $90 per tournament plus a one-time USAV player registration of $35. This also requires players to attend training sessions and preferably also play in the men’s league.
  • National tournament – We are also considering sending a team to the Asics National Volleyball Tournament at Navy Pier in Chicago  mid-June .

The cost for this event will be determined in the spring based on the number of players.

Middle School Ages (13-14)

Middle school aged boys can train on Sunday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00. They may also scrimmage boys teams from neighboring clubs and can scrimmage our club’s girls teams. (The official net height for boys 14 and under is the same as for the girls.) Our practices are $10 per session or $90 for the entire season. Ages 8 to 12 HVVC has girls teams in U10 and U12 divisions which boys are welcome to join. The AAU system in Michigan allows boys to compete on the same teams. Whenever possible, we keep the boys together if the teams’ practice sites are acceptable to parents.

Tournaments are generally within an hour’s drive and HVVC also hosts tournaments.  Ages & Competition A player’s official playing age is determined as of August 31 of next summer. So if he has a birthday on or before August 31, 2014, he plays as one year older than he is now. Michigan AAU allows boys 12 & under to compete on girls teams.

The USA Volleyball Michigan region (“Lakeshore”) allows boys up to U14 to compete with girls, however boys 13 & 14 are considered one year older than they are (U14 must play as U15).