Tryouts General Information

When are Tryouts for Club Volleyball? 


HVVC State Team Tryouts:

Sunday, March 3rd.


U12/U11 - (5th & 6th Grade) 2:00 - 3:30 PM

U14/U13 - (7th & 8th Grade) 3:30 - 5:00 PM

U15 - U18 - (High School) 5:00 - 7:00 PM


How to be Evaluated for HVVC

  • Attend tryouts
  • If you cannot attend the tryout, contact club to express interest and schedule alternative tryout-- this could include attending another age group, level or alternatively scheduled make-up session.

The level and number of players per age group will be decided at tryouts. Once tryouts have ended, we will invite a number of athletes to join a specific team.  An athlete’s spot on a team is established once the Offer and Acceptance Form has been signed and non-refundable deposit is paid. Additional payments will be due according to the teams payment schedule.

We recommend athletes attend all evaluation sessions for their age group. While we appreciate the need to be evaluated for other clubs,  attending all of our evaluation clinics will give us the best opportunity to see each athlete. During our tryout process, the athletes will undergo several evaluations where each athlete is individually rated on her skill level in all areas, then evaluated by position.  The players are then placed into teams so their overall court skills, attitude, and interaction with others players can be evaluated. Creating game-like situations is a priority throughout tryouts. 

The tryout process can be one of the most difficult things an athlete and parents will do all year long. It is also difficult on the coaches as well.  There are many decisions and factors involved when choosing a team.  We have tried to make this as comfortable as possible for all parties involved.