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HVVC Girls Teams


We have 4 different levels of play offered to the players at Huron Valley Volleyball Club : National, Regional, Select, State, and Local.

National (Blue & White) teams are our highest-level commitment program. These teams are trained and coached by our most experienced staff members. It is expected that team members make this team their highest sports priority.  Travel out of state for tournaments.

Regional teams are advanced level teams that offer a convenient travel schedule with high-level competition. This level is ideal for players who play other high school sports but want to compete and train at a high level.

Select/State teams are competitive and are a good option for athletes who play a second sport or have travel and financial constraints, 3 month season.  Winter-Select and Spring State

Local teams (10U, 12U and 14U) are  designed for beginning to intermediate players to learn the game and gain more experience.  The practices and tournaments are happen at HVVC.

Philosophy and Expectations

Huron Valley Volleyball Club


Playing Time Philosophy

Parents and players need to understand that it is impossible to guarantee equal playing time for all players, regardless of team philosophy.  Coaches strive to give players equitable playing time according to the goals of the team, but some players will always play more (minutes or points) than others. It is the philosophy of HVVC that all players play during pool play regardless of team level. Players may be benched during pool play for disciplinary reasons or if they fail to attend any practices the week prior to the tournament. If a parent or player questions the amount of playing time an athlete receives, we encourage you to email your concerns to – Rody Foco, Club Director.


Local Teams - Winter and Spring:    

Local - Winter & Spring teams have the highest emphasis on player development. Playing time will be as equitable as possible. Above the 12’s level, some players will play more because of their position (setter).

Goal: Maximum participation for every player.


HVVC Black and Grey Regional Teams:

Regional teams emphasize both player development AND team performance (achieving the highest finish possible). Some players will play more because of their position (usually setters). Playing time will be as equitable as possible during pool play. Playing time in bracket / tournament playoffs is handled at the coach’s discretion.

Goal: Skill development AND a competitive outcome for the team.


HVVC Blue and White National Teams:

National teams emphasize the highest level of competition. Our goal is that all players on the team will be of similar ability so that playing time may be equitable. The player’s ability and the needs of the team will impact playing time. All team members will play during pool play at the coach’s discretion. The coach determines who plays and how much during bracket/ tournament playoffs.

Goal: Maximum skill development and team competitiveness.