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Yellow Jackets

Fall 2022 - HVVC School players team

Huron Valley Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jacket Volleyball is an alternative to High School Volleyball. We play a fairly full schedule with 6-8 single-team matches and 5-6 full-day tournaments. If you are looking for a place to play some fun but competitive volleyball and currently are either Homeschooled, attend Early College Alliance, Washtenaw Technical Middle School, WIHI, or any High School This is the place for you. We look to play at a varsity High School level however the program is open to anyone interested, I DO NOT CUT, anyone that wants to be on the team is welcome. The only limitations are skill level. 


We start practice in late July, look to have our team set soon after High School tryouts as we normally pick up some players that unfortunately did not make their school team. Practices (at least for now) will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, matches could be any weekday and all our tournaments are on Saturdays. Our season goes from July to the end of October. 


SO, if you are interested, even if you plan on trying out for your school team, and want more information, would like to be placed on our contact list, or are ready to say yes PLEASE contact me at your earliest convenience. 


Paul DiPirro