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Yellow Jackets

Fall 2021 - HVVC School players team

Huron Valley Yellow Jackets


The Huron Valley Yellow Jackets are an alternative to High School Volleyball. We actually play against some of the local teams in Tournaments and Matches but we try to stay away from the really good teams. We are considered an Un-sanctioned High School Program and can (and do) play against many High School Teams from All Classes. We try to be competitive, play hard and just love the game as it is meant to be played FOR FUN.


Our normal schedule consists of two practices per week at HVVC, 6-7 multi school tournaments and 4-6 single school matches. The farthest we travel is maybe 1 hour from HVVC. Most of our tournaments are on Saturdays while our matches could be any day of the week but we try to keep them consistent. Jerseys are provided and the cost is fair especially if you take advantage of the fundraising opportunities we provide. Actually we have had some players do so well fundraising they played for free!!! In the past the most anyone had to pay was around $400 though the cost of the program exceeds $600. With a hosted tournament and Hungry Howie’s Pizza sales that $400 can be more like $300 or less.


We need competent players that may not want to commit to the High School program and any player that may not make their team…we are open to anyone that can enjoy playing just to play.


Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you are interested in our program:


Paul DiPirro

Head Coach