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HVVC Team Selection Process


The purpose of these guidelines is to document the tryout process to the HVVC volleyball community.

The hope is that by making everyone familiar with the process, a general understanding is gained, misunderstandings are avoided, and doubts concerning fairness are removed.


Tryouts Selection Process

  1. Early Tryouts National and Regional Teams 2023: first run the evaluations we are going to offer spot by levels National Teams Blue-White and/or Regionals Teams. No reimbursement deposit is necessary to lock the spot payable from August to November.
  2. Makeup optional evaluation: will be offer from July to early October if necessary to lock the basic spots.
  3. Final Tryout October/November: Reevaluated players and confirm the spots on each team, players from Regional commitment could be move up for National teams too. Final teams fees will be confirmed, and payment will be setup to pay in 5 payments (special payment plan could be setup), the Early Commitment deposit will be credit for all team fees.


Tryout Criteria:

The coaching staff will be looking for coachable athletes who have a great work ethic, love to compete, and want to learn to become better players and teammates. Prior volleyball experience or skill helps but is not required. (Great volleyball players are not made just made better!) Prospective athletes will be tested and evaluated for their overall athletic ability and level of volleyball skill.

Coaches will apply the following criteria (in this order):

  • ATTITUDE: Players who are positive, competitive and eager to learn. More consideration will be given to those who demonstrate strong leadership skills, ability work/communicate as a team (volleyball games do not last long with a team of one person!) and to those who are willing to take risks and are unafraid to learn from mistakes. Athletes must be willing to promote the teams’ philosophy of togetherness and make others around them better.
  • ATHLETIC ABILITY: Players with the ability to learn and perform complex skills. Volleyball puts a premium on explosiveness and rewards those who are unafraid to attack the ball.
  • POSITION: Players whose skills fit a specific need for the team’s overall balance


What to expect at tryouts?

  • Expect to work hard. You will be asked to perform all physical testing and drills at full speed. You should run when shagging balls, when moving from drill to drill and when going to and from water breaks. You will not sit down during tryouts, except during the daily snack break.
  • Expect to improve your volleyball skills. At tryouts, coaches will both teach and evaluate. Even if you are not selected to the team, you will become a better volleyball player by the end of the tryouts.
  • Expect to enjoy yourself: Tryouts will be the new normal part of the HVVC experience, you will have plenty of opportunities to show your stuff and try your best. We suggest you stay loose, make new friends, and decide that you will have a good time, no matter what the result.

Skill / Competition Evaluation:

Prospective athletes will be taught the basics of the Volleyball system, including passing, serving, attacking, setting, blocking and defense. Evaluators will be situated, and players rotated through stations such that the evaluators get a chance to see all the girls participate in all types of drills and competitions. Players’ skills will be rated on the numerical scale below through various drills, competitive activities, and games.

Attitude Evaluation:

Prospective HVVC player should be willing to try hard, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and keep trying. Coaches will take note of those players who listen, follow directions, and ask questions when necessary. Athletes who are COACHABLE COMPETITORS stand the best chance of making the team. We will be looking for individuals who are high speed and low drag.

Players must be able to lead, follow, or get out of the way!

How to Impress the Coaches:

  1. Be among the first to arrive in the gym.
  2. Be among the first to line up for drills.
  3. Look the coach in the eye when she/he speaks to you or to the team.
  4. Be loud.
  5. Be a champion ball shagger.
  6. Be among the first to offer help.


The head coach will identify “qualified” evaluators – those with the experience and expertise necessary to judge volleyball talent. The goal is to have more than just the head coaches’ evaluation for determining a player’s tangible and intangible skills.

Team Selection Process

  1. Individuals will be evaluated in the following areas:
  2. Acceptance of coaching philosophy: coachable
  3. Game skills: passing, setting, hitting, serving, digging, blocking & game knowledge.
  4. Athletic ability: quickness, endurance, strength, jumping ability.
  5. Attitude: reliable, energetic, never gives up, and a team player.
  6. Once the tryout is complete, the evaluators/coaches will meet to discuss each player individually and complete subjective assessments.
  7. Athletes will know if they have acquired a position on the team (U15 and old) by being notified by their coach. The team may include up to 10 players.