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Summer 2021 Programs

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February 28th

HVVC COVID - 19 Screening

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Spring Home teams


Deadline registration March 30th

Summer 2021 - Training Programs

We are expanding our summer programs to offer players of all skill level the best options according to AGE, DEVELOPMENT and EXPERIENCE. We have a series of programs for players who wish to raise their game to the next level or to prepare for future school or club tryouts. All programs will be run by our top HVVC coaches and guest coaches, and will be organized to cover all skills that volleyball players need to master to play on strong teams.    


***We will start our 2022 team selection with early tryouts from July and August***



Middle School and Youth – 3 set of Camps Summer 2021: For players from 2nd to 8th Grade 2021-22


June 14,16 & 17 / July 12,14 & 15 / August 9,10,11

This training will focus on future 2022 club/school players with and without club experience; it will be run as an advanced camp by our Head trainer Coach Deanna Day, HVVC Club Director Rody Foco and the top of coaches HVVC.

Only 20 spots per group/per day

1) June Camp: Date/times: June 14th, 16th and 17th (Mon – Wed – Thurs)


Youth:                     2nd to 4th Grade 2021/22                 4:00 – 5:00 PM

U11 – U12:            5th to 6th Grade 2021/22                  5:30 – 7:00 PM

U13 – U14:             7th to 8th Grade 2021/22                 7:15 – 9:00 PM


2) July Camp: Date/times: July 12th, 14th and 15th (Mon – Wed – Thurs)


Youth:                     2nd to 4th Grade 2021/22                 4:00 – 5:00 PM

U11 – U12:            5th to 6th Grade 2021/22                  5:30 – 7:00 PM

U13 – U14:             7th to 8th Grade 2021/22                 7:15 – 9:00 PM


3) August Camp: Date/times: August 9th, 10th and 11th (Mon – Tue – Wed)


Youth:                     2nd to 4th Grade 2021/22                 4:00 – 5:00 PM

U11 – U12:            5th to 6th Grade 2021/22                  5:30 – 7:00 PM

U13 – U14:             7th to 8th Grade 2021/22                 7:15 – 9:00 PM


Fees per camp:

Youth:        $60 p/camp - $45 p/camp HVVC 2021 team player – One Day: $30 (only cash/ only open spots)

U11 – U12: $80 p/camp - $65 p/camp HVVC 2021 team player – One Day: $30 (only cash/ only open spots)

U13 – U14: $90 p/camp - $70 p/camp HVVC 2021 team player – One Day: $35 (only cash/ only open spots)

April training update

Dear HVVC Families,

Here we are again at another difficult moment in this pandemic path. We acknowledge the request that the state has made for youth sports to pause and we know that there are a wide range of opinions on what next steps should be taken.


Because we have the added security of having just implemented a weekly testing protocol for athletes, the board has decided to continue regular practices and tournaments, with some modifications.


Starting this week, conditioning and scrimmaging with other teams will be paused. Athletes will only be interacting with the players and coaches of their team.


We understand that there will be families who wish we had made a different decision. Please know that your daughter will not be penalized if you decide that you want her to take a two-week break from the team. Indeed, at any time you are free to make the decision you feel best for your family. We just ask that you communicate with your daughter’s coach.


Based on questions we have received, here is some info/clarification on testing:

  1. You can add additional members to your LynxDX account and get peace of mind by testing other family members for COVID at the drive-through testing. Make an appointment by clicking on Saline Testing Site.


  1. We have had questions about whether a player must continue with weekly testing after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The answer is yes, they must continue with weekly testing. See the MI Safer Sports FAQs for more details. 


This continues to be a challenging time and believe us, we would rather spend more time coaching and less time COVID administrating, but we keep our heads up and tackle the next challenge that comes.







UPDATE:  JANUARY 24, 2021 

Huron Valley Volleyball Club takes the health and safety of our athletes seriously. Here is an overview of the steps we are taking to operate our facility safely. Everyone entering the facility MUST wear a mask at all times and  follow all safety protocols. 

• Head count limits to enhance physical distancing in the facility, as per Health Department orders.  

• Until further notice, HVVC tournaments are limited to 5 teams for ages U12-U18, and 6 teams per wave* for U10s. *U10-s will have an AM and PM quad for each date. The AM wave runs from 9 am-noon, and the PM  wave runs from 2-5 pm, to provide time for cleaning and to avoid overlap of participants.  

Each player is limited in how many non-playing spectators they may bring to a tournament. At this time,  each player may bring in only ONE parent spectator. Upon arrival, each player will receive 1 wristband to  be distributed to their parent / spectator. If the player enters before their parent, they may write their  parent’s name on the wristband and leave it at the admission table for “will call”.  

• Self-Check. Anyone participating in or attending Huron Valley Volleyball Club tournaments must complete the  Covid 19 Symptom Screening tool found on the HVVC website (there are also QR codes posted at the facility for  your convenience). This includes players, coaches, and spectators. Once the tool is completed with NO symptoms  indicated, a certificate is immediately emailed to the participant. Each participant will show their certificate on  their phone in order to enter the facility. Those who lack this technology may complete the screening “by hand” at the admissions table.  

• Check-in Protocol –Players may enter the courts immediately after showing their covid screening certificate to the  Tournament Director. Parents will maintain 6’ distance while in line to pay their admission fee and show their  covid screening certificate and wristband at the admission table. Coaches will present their AAU-generated team  roster upon arrival or at the coaches’ meeting, like always. All parents / spectators must wear / display their  wristband and show proof on their phone that they have completed the online questionnaire. QR Codes will be  posted at the entrance for convenience.  

• The admissions table will be placed outside the facility door when warmer weather permits. Admission is CASH  ONLY and EXACT CHANGE is requested. ($5 for adults, $2 for kids).  

• Masks are mandatory to be worn by athletes (before, during, and after play), coaches, and spectators - everyone  inside the facility. Masks may be removed to hydrate and eat a snack, but the time should be brief as possible.  

• Physical Distance should be practiced when not competing (water breaks / between matches).  • Hand washing or sanitizing upon entry to the facility is required. 

•Hand sanitizer should be brought by each team & used each time a player leaves the court (substitutions, between  sets, etc.).  

• HVVC has electronic whistles to use for officiating teams. Coaches are encouraged to bring their own e-whistles.  • There will be assigned staff on site to manage facility headcount, customer service and disinfection routines • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of the facility, equipment, and frequently contacted areas. • Drinking fountain can be used ONLY to fill bottles. 

• Spectator chairs from different households must be spaced 6’ apart as much as possible.  

HVVC reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the facility if their actions are found to jeopardize the health  or safety of others

U10 Big Event at Michigan 2/02/20

Middle School Elite Camp 2019

Middle School Elite Camp 2019

HVVC 16 Blue Asics Chicago Champions

HVVC 16 Blue - ASICS Chicago 2019 Champion

HVVC 14 Blue Asics Chicago 2019 Champion

Spring Home League 2019

HVVC 15 Blue - MC Madness 2019 Champion

Spring Home League 2019

Huron Valley Volleyball Club

HVVC offers year round volleyball training and USAV/AAU/JVA club teams for girls and boys in southeast Michigan. Our teams range from the local to the national level. We also host tournaments and private lessons at our facility.

Our facility is located at 815 Woodland Dr, Saline.

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